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"True to her Scottish origins, the energetic and gestural painter Fiona McIntyre is a colourist, extolling the virtues of painterly spontaneity to capture often elusive effects of multivarious landscapes in flux. Within the environments that have moved her, she complements observation with improvisation and interpretation. Using decisive sweeps of paint or charcoal her works have the earthy gravitas of the (early) Van Gogh - inspired Cumbrian painter Sheila Fell while also, in terms of her strong palette, evoking the chromatic romanticism of Innes and John....This artist’s uncanny mix of cerebral and sensual qualities corresponds with a plethora of influences ranging from immediate family background - McIntyre’s great grandfather was the celebrated Camden Town painter Malcolm Drummond on whom she has lectured with eloquence and insight" 

Peter Davies - writer and art critic

TELEGRAPH 11th Jan 2015 - Bristol celebrates art of the tree


"To kick off Bristol’s year as the European Green Capital, a gallery has been transformed

into a magical arboretum


...The city’s oldest gallery, the RWA, has been transformed into a colourful arboretum for an exhibition by a newly formed group of artists. Rows of trees in works by a group of 30 British painters, printmakers and sculptors line the bright Victorian rooms at the Royal West of England Academy. Despite stylistic differences, they, like most British landscapists from John Constable to David Hockney, love trees and return to the subject again and again. Thus they’ve given themselves the tongue-in-cheek name the Arborealists.


Trees have played an important part in British art since the Romantics first put them centrecanvas. Constable drew and painted them as singular subjects, like portraits, even talking of the “young lady” ash tree on Hampstead Heath; Henry Moore used to play at naming tree species from a distance; Paul Nash said: “I love and worship trees and believe they are people”; Hockney talked of the “spatial thrill” of trees – anyone who saw his Royal Academy exhibition in 2012 will know exactly what he was on about.


Some artists have sought a similar effect at ArboretumThere are vibrant plein air works filledwith life and optimism, such as Greenish Deep, in which Fiona McIntyre’s gnarled willows break through the picture frame and bounce off reflecting water. But since the show follows the recent alarm over the spread of ash dieback and other tree diseases, Arboretum is, overall, a melancholy contemplation of the state of man’s current relationship with trees"...


by Florence Waters - writer for the Telegraph



31st Jan 2015 


Saturday Times Review - 'Exhibition Critics Would Pay To See' - featuring 'Greening Deep'.


Times What's On - review of Arboreal by Rachel Campbell Johnson







1992-93MA (European Fine Art) - Winchester School of Art in Barcelona.
1989-92Printmaking at Grafikskolan Forum, Sweden under Bertil Lundberg.
1982-85BA (hons) Painting & Drawing - Edinburgh College of Art.
1981-82West Surrey College of Art and Design (Distinction).



Malmö Allmänna Sjukhus - Mural and Relief installed 1988 at Malmo General Hospital.



Petro Canada, London.

Bohuslän Art Museum, Sweden.

Fjarhitin Consulting Engineers, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Malmo General Hospital, Sweden.

Also in private collections in Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Germany, Britain, Israel and America.



Prosigns Graphics.

Bath Printmakers.

Surrey Heath Council Arts Bursary.

Surrey Young Artist of the Year.



Arborealists - founded by Curator Tim Craven, Southampton Art Museum - 2014.

Bath Society of Artists - elected in 2002.

Delfina Studio Trust, Bermondsey, London - elected by portfolio in 1994.

The Block Printmakers, London - elected 1994.

Malmö  Kollectiv Verkstad - elected 1989.

Läderfabriken Konstkollectiv, Malmö - elected 1987.



Southampton Museum and Art Gallery - during The London Group exhibition 2014.

Bath Society of Artists.

The Montpellier Gallery, Cheltenham.

The Quest Gallery, Bath.



RWA - Arborealists in conversation  - Arboreal: Art of Trees exhibition 2014 - 2015.

Lymington Art Museum - Under the Greenwood exhibition 2014.



Cotswold Art Club.

Cirencester Art Society.

Cardiff Society of Artists.

Central School of Speech and Drama, London.

Westminster School of Adult Education.



Private courses.

Wetpaint Gallery, Cirencester - life classes.

New Brewery Arts, Cirencester.

Farnborough College.

Central School of Speech and Drama, London.

South Thames College of Art and Design.

Westminster School of Adult Education.

Medborgar Skolan, Lund, Sweden.



Under the Greenwood: Picturing British Trees From Constable to Kurt Jackson. Written by Ann Anderson and Ian Massey, published by Sansom and Company.

New British Art by Jacob Sutton.

A History of the Bath Society of Artists by Peter Davies, St Ives Publishing.



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Bath Chronicle - 2002. Art Attack.

Bath Chronicle - 2002. Life and Soul - Inspired by Sense of Place.

The Bath Chronicle - 2002. Make quality design an absolute priority.

Swedish National Radio - 1989. Art performance 'From the Corners of my Eye' by Bengt Adlers.

Sydsvenskan 1988. Kvinnan och Ensamheten - exhibition at Lund University, Sweden.

Sydsvenska Dagbladet 1988. Om Bilden i Sig - exhibition at Lund University, Sweden.



Fiona Mary Elspeth McIntyre - born 1963 in Kenya.

Fiona M. E. McIntyre was brought up in Dublin in the late 60's in a musical and artistic family, her great grandfather was the Camden Town Group painter Malcolm Drummond and her great grandmother was the book illustrator and concert pianist (Alexina) Zina Ogilvie (Johnsons General History of the Pirates). Both Fiona's parents were also very artistic; her mother Dilys McIntyre being a botanical artist and textile designer and her father Archie McIntyre a celebrated piper and composer so Fiona was brought up in a creatively encouraging environment. After training at Edinburgh College of Art Fiona moved to Sweden where she lived with her Icelandic first husband Dr. Bjorn Karlsson. It was Bjӧrn who introduced her to Icelandic Abstractionist Svavar Gudnason who was to have an influence on her development as a painter. After learning to speak Swedish and a smattering of Icelandic Fiona joined the much publicised Lӓderfabriken art studios in Malmӧ which was the first fine art collective of it's kind in Skåne. While at the Lӓderfabriken studios Fiona won a regional competition to make public art for Malmӧ General Hospital. She exhibited regularly in Sweden and Norway including taking part in art performances at Museums in Lund and Malmӧ. In 1988 Fiona was one of only four students to be accepted into the innovative printworkshop of Surrealist Bertil Lundberg (who had worked at the famous Atelier 17 under Stanley William  Hayter in the 1930's). Lundberg was impressed with Fiona's drawing skills and guided her in developing a surrealist/expressionist series of paintings and prints inspired by her Scandinavian environment. Fiona went on to develop a more experimental style of printmaking at studios in Barcelona where she  improvised with new materials to develop a powerful and personal language around the human body as self expression. While living in Barcelona Fiona worked as assistant to Master Printmaker Masafumi Yamamoto where she editioned etchings using a variety of Catalan and Japanese printmaking techniques including the 'viscosity technique'. In 1993 Fiona moved to London where she taught and lectured at several schools including Post Graduate Painting at Central School of Speech & Drama. Later moving to Exeter and then Bath Fiona continued to develop her painting and prints at Widcombe Studios (now Bath Artists Studios) and Spike Island, Bristol. In 2004 Fiona met and married Stephen Maynard and in 2005 their daughter Zina was born.  Fiona's studio has been based in Gloucestershire from where she is developing painting by exploring different landscapes as far afield as the West Coast of Scotland and Cornwall. She names her main influences as being amongst the Scottish Colourists, Svavar Gudnason (Danish Cobra Group), Tom Thomson (Canadian Group  of Seven) and British painters between 1900 and 1940. 



"I have been painting and drawing professionally for the last 28 years since leaving Edinburgh College of Art. There I was fortunate enough to come under the tutelage of John Houston and Elizabeth Blackadder. The Scots have always taught painting in a very different way from the English - focusing less on the analytical and more on the painterly and intuitive which is never-the-less grounded in years of keen observational drawing practice. Perhaps this has been the corner stone of my work along with an initial year at an English Art School under the exceptional guidance of Karn Holly who instilled in me the absolute importance of good draughtsmanship. Scottish intuitiveness and Scandinavian introspection has ultimately made my work what it is today.

I returned again to painting British landscape after several years of living in Scandinavia where the long, dark winter days and introspection made it impossible for me to remain living there with any sanity! Being back on my own landmass has been a total revelation to me in many ways. Being a passionate Celt at heart I find the extreme diversity and lushness of our landscape inspiring and uplifting and the ever changing skys have made me understand Turner's fascination and love for it. There is also an historical aspect to our ancient landscape that is extraordinary and the idea of ancestral heritage is something that resonantes very deeply with me because it is about a sense of belonging. I find that total immersion in the landscape is crucial to the integrity of my work because I am able to observe and experience the impermanence of nature first hand spending many hours sitting in a Cotswold wood or in a field sketching and drawing. During this process the sky can change dramatically which in turn effects the light and shadows. The Zen masters observed that once one has meditated on a landscape for several hours it starts to take on a different reality, all the descriptions and illusions of one's mind seem to dissolve until trees cease being trees and mountains cease being mountains. This experience of nature is important to me but back in the studio my work evolves in a new direction, the paintings become about the simplification of shape and form, a distillation of my perception of reality. Keeping a direct, fresh, painterly quality is really important to me and something that I am constantly trying to perfect so that the flow of intention is evident in the brush marks. 

William Turner summed it up for me when he said that 'painting is not about what you see but how you see it."

Fiona M.E. McIntyre





Exhibition History

2017Dortoir des Moines de Saint Benoit en Juillet, France
2017Southampton City Art Gallery - Capture the Castle
2017Nature In Art, Gloucester - Arborealists
2017RWA, Bristol - Drawn
2016St Barbe Art Museum - Arborealists
2016Discoed Church, Wales - Capture the Castle
2016Westonbirt Arboretum, Glos - Arborealists
2016Southampton City Art Gallery - The Romantic Thread in British Art
September 2015Mottisfont Abbey, National Trust - Arborealists.
Dec 19th - 8th Mar 2014 - 15The Art of Trees; the Arborealists and other Artists at RWA, Bristol
July 14th - 1st July 2014Mariner's Chapel - St Ives
Mar 29th - June 7thGerald Moore Gallery, London - Under the Greenwood: Picturing the British Tree.
Oct 12th - 23rd Nov '13St Barbe Museum & Art Gallery - Under the Greenwood: Picturing the British Tree.
2013Corinium Museum, Cirencester - Hidden Treasures.
2016The Bishop's Palace, Wells - A Tree Within
2012The Montpellier Gallery - 'Painting the Land and Sea'.
20028 Reece Mews, Kensington, London - 'The Curve of an Eye'.
2013Wet Paint Gallery, Cirencester - with Sophie Ryder and Don Cordery.
2011Quest Gallery, Bath - 'Celtic Roots' with Wendy Dison
2010D'Arcy Gallery - 'Coastal' with Ian Shearman
2003The Rope Store Gallery, Nailsworth - with Terry Cripps
1988Lund University, Sweden - with Krystina Piotrowska
Sept 6th - 28thBath Contemporary - Kingdom and County
Oct 4th - 29thBath Scientific & Literary Institute - BSA
2012Moncrieff-Bray Gallery, Sussex.
2011Resipole Studios, Acharacle, Argyll.
2011The Montpellier Gallery, Cheltenham
2010Jonathan Poole, Gloucestershire.
2010Thompsons Gallery, Marlybone, London.
2010Summerfield Gallery, Cheltenham
2007The Swell Gallery, Gloucestershire.
2007Bowlish Contemporary, Shepton Mallet.
2007/8/9Carina Haslam Fine Art. AAF, Battersea.
2006/9Out Of The Blue Gallery, Bath.
2006 - 10The D'Arcy Gallery, Cheltenham.
2002 - 12Victoria Art Gallery, Bath.
2005The Lennox Gallery, Chelsea, London.
2005Gallery 22, Ashburton, Devon.
2004The Great Barn, Higher Ashton, Devon.
2004Christies, St James, London - 'Art for Life'.
2003The Hotbath Gallery, Bath.
2002The Royal West of England Academy.
2002Camden Fine Art, Bath. Contemporary art with the Camden Town Group.
1999Arts Haven, Exeter.
1997Lund Art Museum, Sweden. Retrospective Printmakers.
1996The Mall Galleries, London. Discerning Eye.
1995Konstfrämjande, Malmö, Sweden.
1994Delfina Studio Trust, Bermondsey, London.
1994The Coventry Gallery, London. 'Festival of Women's Art'.
1993Le Chat Noir, Albemarle Street, London.
1993Studio 9, London. Winchester Post Graduates.
1993Winchester School of Art.
1993British Council, Barcelona.
1992Gallery F15, Moss, Norway.
1991Forum Galleriet (Malmö Roseum), Sweden.
1990Gallery Konstnärscentrum, Malmö, Sweden.
1988Gallery Bengt Adlers, Malmo and Lund Museum - 'From the Corners of my Eye'. Art performance.
1987Bohuslän Art Museum, Sweden - Laderfabriken.
1985The Stockbridge Gallery, Edinburgh.
1984The Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.