Fiona McIntyre

Portfolio: RWA 2015


The Art of Trees; the Arborealists and other Artists at RWA, Bristol

19 December 2014 – 8 March 2015

Arboretum follows on from the critically acclaimed and highly popular Under the Greenwood – Picturing the British Tree at St Barb Museum and Art Gallery. Reprising themes from the contemporary element of this show it explores the importance of the tree as a rich and vital subject for art, featuring work from members of the Arborealists: Jemma Appleby, Ann Arnold, Graham Arnold, Mary Anne Aytoun-Ellis, Joanna Barry, Philippa Beale, John Blandy, Hannah Brown, Gary Colclough, Tim Craven, Celia de Serra, Michelle Dovey, Dan Hays, Abi Kremer, Ffiona Lewis, Fiona McIntyre, Hannah Maybank, Alex Pemberton, Julian Perry, Lesley Slight and RWA Academicians Nicola Bealing RWA, Martin Bentham RWA, Kurt Jackson RWA, Howard Phipps RWA, Michael Porter RWA, Anthony Whishaw RWA, Lisa Wright RWA.